In the video people I will demonstrate how you use a pump for those who don't know how to. 

What you will need:Edit

Inlet Pmup
Inlet Pump

Outlet Pump
Outlet Pump


Red Pressure Plate
Lever/switch/pressure plate/timers.(Which ever you choose to use.) 

Timer(Optional, this is if you want the water to run every upon the count down of the timer, this alos might be faster than having to flip the switch back and forth, also this is good if you want the water to run continously.(Timers aren't allowed on Terra Nova) )



Wire Cutter
Wire cutters(Not really needed unless you want to make the wire look less sloppy or if you want to remove the wires)

How to use pumps-002:04

How to use pumps-0

NobleCross (talk) 06:40, December 23, 2012 (UTC)

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