The Inactivity Scale defines all states of inactivity and their punishments. This scale mainly applies to Staff Members.



Staff who report when they're going to be inactive will be excused with no punishment. The time limit for an excused absence is two weeks. After that, their absence is considered unexcused.


Staff are considered semi inactive when they're gone for 4-7 days. Semi inactive staff receive no punishment.


Staff who are "missing" for more then 7 days are considered inactive and will receive a demotion. If a staff member who is Level 2 or lower goes inactive, that staff member loses his position and becomes an Elite Member.

Completely InactiveEdit

Staff who do not show up after two weeks will be fired and replaced.


If a Staff Member returns after being demoted, he will stay at that position until he is fully active (active for 14 days) again. If a Staff Member was fired for his inactivity, he may regain his position at Level 2.

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