===  Welcome to the official Rainbow Magicians page! ===
Rainbow Rod

The Rainbow Magicians are the oldest clan still around on Terra Nova except for Starfury.  The owner of the Rainbow Magicians is me, Erader.  This is the official page for the Rainbow Magicians including clan information and how to join.


To join fill out this application and submit it. The application may take time. Please wait for it to be accepted.

About the Clan:Edit

Basically, it is a fun made clan for people who love magic weapons.  You do not have to love magic weapons to join, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the clan. :P


This is the link for the website, but it is really not used much.


Roster is here -


Official forums on the Terra Nova website

Well that is mostly it for now, but admins in the clan are free to add more pages about the clan if they want.


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